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This Power Farming Saleyard keeps farmers and farm contractors across the nation informed as to the latest Special Offers and Catalogue releases as well as offering a reliable forum for farmers to buy Special Offer and Catalogue items. This Special Offers and Online Catalogues section will grow along with your requirements, and will incorporate many new additions over the next few months.

Catalogue date: 1/Jun/2021
Best workshop deals ever Never to be repeated. But only available with the Power farming Special Code PF1021 at checkout.
GET ALL YOUR DRILL BITS IN ORDER A great new replacement set Metric Precision HSS Drill Set IWB-40P5 25 piece set, HSS M2 bright finish, Range: 1~13mm, 0.5mm increments for just $79 (save $20 off RRP). Order Code: D1272. Top it off with a EDBD-13 Drill Sharpener3-13mm or 1/8"-1/2", CBN grinding wheel, 80W, 240V motor for just $79 (save $20 off RRP). Order Code: D070. And for quick turn-around get this Heavy-Duty Pedestal Drill Belt Driven PD-36031.5mm drill capacity, 3MT spindle, 9 spindle speeds, 1hp, 240V motor for just $462 (save $44 off RRP).
Get all your bits and pieces in place with an Industrial Tooling Cabinet TC-750 size is 565 x 580 x 7500mm, 100kg per draw, 100kg load capacity per drawer, 75, 100 & 150mm drawer depth for just $627 (save $110 off RRP). Order Code: T764. Or for the more mobile grab thisIndustrial Series Roller Cabinet IRC-7D rides on 125mm x 50mm Industrial wheels, weighs 107.5Kg, cabinet dimensions are 1067 x 458 x 1007mm, ideal at just $715 ($110 off RRP). Order Code: T724.
Best buys with Bonus free incentives. a RAZOR 175 DC INVERTER Multi-Function Welder-MIG-MMA WITH FREE ITEM – Welding jacket and Welding gloves. 30 - 175 amps, latest IGBT inverter technology, VRD (Voltage Reduction Device), 25% @ 175A duty cycle, 240V/15 amp for just $737 ($118 off RRP). Order Code: W177. More free items a a RAZOR CUT 45 Inverter Plasma Cutter WITH FREE ITEM – Auto darkening Welding goggles. 16mm mild steel capacity, Light weight and compact, 25% @ 45A duty cycle, 240V, 15 amp for just $1287 ($66 off RRP). Order Code: C423. And to back up your new found capacity, get to work with a handy Trade Hydraulic Press HPF-20 20 tonne, 150mm ram stroke, 2-speed hydraulic ram, 175mm horizontally sliding arm, hand or foot operated pump reduced to $925 ($120 off RRP). Order Code: P150.
Get this hard working PT-2500 Hydraulic Pallet Truck 2500kg lift capacity, 1220mm fork length, lift height 85 - 195mm for $341. ($66 off RRP) Order Code: J061.
Add this versatile WDV-8 Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 2 x 1200W = 2400W 240V motors, Portable on wheels, 80L stainless steel tank, Include: brush, crevice tool, wet & dry floor nozzle for a bargain $396. ($77 off RRP) Order Code: V508.
And to top off everything, get a compact CM-300 3-in-1 Pressbrakes, Guillotines & Rolls 300 x 1mm steel capacity, Cast iron construction, Segmented pressbrake blade, Wiring groove rolls for only $349 ($47 off RRP). Order Code: S648.
This is just a small selection from thousands of items with genuine price reductions available from Hare and Forbes. TO GET THESE DISCOUNTED PRICES, AND A FREE BONUS WITH SOME ITEMS, JUST ADD THE PROMOTIONAL CODE EOFY21 AT CHECKOUT.
View and purchase online now, sale ends on 31 October 2021 machinery house website or call now in your state as follows: SYDNEY (02) 9890 9111 BRISBANE (07) 3715 2200 MELBOURNE (03) 9212 4422 PERTH (08) 9373 9999.
Call NOW, and mention Power farming code PF1021 and go straight to the top of the class
Midwest Early Order Program - SPECIAL OFFER BE QUICK
Midwest Early Order Program - SPECIAL OFFER BE QUICK
Catalogue date: 1/Mar/2021
There are four reasons why farmers are switching to a new Midwest front
1. Size matters Looking for less capital outlay, less fuel and less labour costs? Our large widths achieve up to 33 percent more with every pass. Our draper widths range from 25 - 60ft integrate seamlessly with all combine brands and are able to suit brands to suit 12m, 15m, 16m or 18m controlled traffic systems. The efficient design, allows your combine to travel at optimum speeds, boosting productivity and covering more ground.
2. Made for Aussie conditions American and European farming conditions are very different to ours. Farmers need a front that is built in Australia, designed by Australian farmers, for Australian conditions. Midwest's patented flotation system has active ground following that handles Australia's fast ground speeds and light crop conditions. Our mechanical drive system ensures cutting power under the toughest conditions. We test our products on our own farms and we talk regularly with our network of farmers and contractors- from Perth in the west, to Geelong in the south, Mackay in the north and many farming districts in between. We know what's working, what isn't, and we are hands-on in our factory so we can tweak our designs to suit.
3. No fiddly computers and sensors When you're in the midst of a busy harvest the last thing you want to do is have to stop while you wait for a technician to read an error code, or have a sensor preventing you from getting an efficient close cut. Midwest's instant response float system uses pressurised air to achieve optimum ground tracking. Our unique design is free of problematic sensors and computers.
4. National support network We re-jigged our whole dealer network a few years back, so now we have a team of dealers in 90 key geographical locations across the country who are committed to stocking a comprehensive range of Midwest parts at competitive prices. Parts kits can be bought ahead-of-harvest to have on hand, or you can access parts via our online catalogues and same day shipping.
Plus order now to get an early order program reduced price.

Call Midwest Fabrication today to discuss the early order program. Ring Peter Welsh direct on 0429 622 137 or Anthony Wenning on 0429 622 138, or the factory on Tel: 07 4662 2137, or email: sales@midwest.net.au or see the full line at Click here.
Catalogue date: 1/Mar/2021
Every farmer and contractor should own a LubeCube
There has never been a smarter or faster way to administer in-paddock service than the latest release LubeCube Service Skid model BLC230. Just about every farmer needs one of these, and once in operation will find the LubeCube unit will quickly help to streamline all paddock servicing requirements. This is also the safest way to transfer and dispense oils and grease. The LubeCube Service Skid comes from A-quip and is a newly designed release for 2018, and is now able to maximise the highest efficiency for all farm vehicle servicing procedures. Airquip & Pipetool's LubeCube is proving to be very versatile as it is currently the most efficient model available for clean and safe mobile lube servicing on-farm sites and will also double as the handiest workshop unit you will ever own as well. The compact footprint of the BLC230 means it fits neatly in the back of most Utes, trailers and trucks, as well as being conveniently forked onto a site or into your workshop where it can be used as a fully professional lube station. Surprisingly cost-effective, LubeCube has now opened the door to efficient servicing on-site for all contractors whereas previous equipment has simply been unviable. A further advantage of Airquip & Pipetool's unique system is that it cuts out double handling as there is no need to decanter old product. Just simply load-up your new 205L oil drums - with this reduced handling it means less spillage and wastage. While digital metered oil nozzles help you keep track of every drop. A diaphragm pump collects the waste oil, which is stored in the 230L Waste Oil tank that uses a 4-Way EVAC valve for easy emptying. A grease pump and hose reel is also available on the LubeCube and is a wise option to choose. Designed and built in Australia, LubeCube utilises quality Italian oil transfer pumps, hose reels and nozzles. All pumps are pneumatically operated, with one central connection and control point. Because every farmer and contractor needs are different – the LubeCube is designed to be highly adaptable. The Airquip Pipetool team can custom make a unit to any exact requirements, from small single oil systems to a fully professional multi oil, grease and fuel skids for service trucks and trailers. Airquip Pipetool also offers supply and installation of full workshop fitouts that can cater for heavy equipment - their expertise includes reticulated oil, grease and air systems, service pit fitouts and heavy vehicle hoists. For further information contact Airquip & Pipetool on 1800 088 990 or email: team@airquippipetool.com.au
Vredestein 8-year warranty
Vredestein 8-year warranty
Catalogue date: 1/Mar/2021
Best tyre deal – 8 year warranty The modern Australian farmer can experience many frustrations when dealing with tractor tyres. Too much soil compaction can result in lower seed germination; an uncomfortable ride due to a poor tread design can lead to increasing operator discomfort, and poor traction means more slippage and less efficient operating hours. That's what led Vredestein to develop their unique 'Traxion concept' lug design which is incorporated on all of the prevalent tractor radial tyres in their line-up; the TraxionXXL, the Traxion85 and the Traxion+. Engineered in the Netherlands and robustly constructed to suit the rugged conditions of Australian farming, Vredestein tractor radial tyres offer long service life and an optimal-performance lug design to make them ideally suited to the heavy work demands of Australian contractors and large scale farmers. In the paddock, their non-parallel, self-cleaning tractor lugs deliver maximum traction – which means less time on the job, increased operating efficiencies and of course, lower operating costs. Equally beneficial, their large footprint offers greater flotation capabilities and less soil compaction to preserve soil structure and limit damage to seed germination. On hard surfaces such as roads, the ‘comfort zone' in the tractor lug design, which consists of overlapping tread lugs, means greater operator comfort and far less machinery vibration. This ensures that even when you've arrived home after a day on the land, you'll be thankful you made the Vredestein choice! Vredestein – tough in the paddock, smooth on the road. Visit Click here for more information and to make an enquiry about the Vredestein product. Take a closer look at the full farm machinery tyre range from Vredestein tyres, they have the perfect match for all models. Call 1300 120 120 for your nearest authorised dealer
Manutec expands range of seeding components
Manutec expands range of seeding components
Catalogue date: 1/Mar/2021
Manutec expands range of aftermarket agricultural, wheels, tyres and discs. In addition to Manutec's standard range of press wheel and coulter assemblies a large range of aftermarket compatible press wheels, gauge wheels and discs is now available to suit the growing range of imported North and South American seeders, as well as all Australian made seeders. Replacement press wheels and tyres are available to suit Flexi-Coil, Bourgault, Morris and John Deere air seeder bars. Manutec is also able to rapidly adapt and prototype new wheel and disc parts for most other machines. The complete range of Manutec parts can found in Manutec's newly released agricultural parts catalogue. For grower's that have left the decision to fit or refurbish a press wheel, coulter or disc system to the last minute, Manutec still has a limited number of systems available for immediate delivery. Additionally if growers or dealers are finding it difficult to get spare wheel or disc parts for air seeder or disc seeder bars then give Manutec a call. For more products or information or a copy of Manutec's new Agricultural parts catalogue call Mick or Dan on: 08 82602277 or email: manutec@manutec.com.au