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Power Farming has been part of Australia's primary industry since 1891.
The past 129 years have been host to some of the most exciting developments in agricultural machinery and Power Farming has always been there to keep farmers and contractors informed on the latest advances.

We were there to herald the development of the oil engine and the first combine harvester and thresher as Australia's agricultural industry mechanised. We were there to witness the demise of the once mighty horse and openly supported fledgling Australian companies in their efforts to help Australian farmers move with the times.

Hot bulb engines, steam engines and steel wheels all came and went as Power Farming kept farmers across the continent in touch with machinery developments as they happened.Windmills, potato planters, twine binders, internal combustion engines, combines, header harvesters and tractors all made their commercial Australian debut with a fanfare in Power Farming.

And that tradition continues today. In 2011 Power Farming celebrated 120 years of distinguished service with the magazine by releasing the first website in Australia to incorporate both new and used Tractors and farm equipment.

This forerunner website keeps farmers and contractors across the nation informed as to the latest Tractor and equipment releases as well as offering a reliable forum to buy the best used equipment. As with any new product release, this website will grow along with your requirements, and will incorporate many new additions over the coming years.

Make this your website for farming in Australia as you have made Power Farming your magazine for the past 129 years. Power Farming website is published online in Australia by: Diverse Media Group P/L.
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