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Gianni Ferrari Mower TURBO

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Gianni Ferrari, Italy
New - now in the yard
1069, Greenhill Rd, Summertown, 5141, SA
Gianni Ferrari Mower TURBO
Gianni Ferrari Mower TURBO

The Gianni Ferrari Turbo Z professional mowers are extremely FAST AND MANAGEABLE, thanks to the zero turning radius, which drastically reduces maneuvering times.
Turbo Z is a ZTR (Zero Turning Radius) machine with two independent hydrostatic transmissions on the drive wheels which allow the machine to turn around on itself with a zero turning circle, giving maximum agility. The low and compact design allows the machine to be very nimble between trees, flowerbeds and bushes, in small gardens and on narrow pathways. The manoeuvrability of the Turbo Z drastically reduces manoeuvring and the need for manual trimming. This, together with the high speed of the machine (up to 13 km/h), guarantees high hourly productivity. The dual fuel tanks, with a capacity of over 40 litres, allow for longer work periods (up to 10 hours) without refueling.
The strong 3-cylinder diesel engine provides high efficiency, superior performance whilst reducing running costs.

Dual-Cut™ mulching / rear discharge deck, 132 cm Dual-Cut™ mulching / rear discharge deck, 132 cm

Side discharge deck, 150 cm Side discharge deck, 150 cm

Rasaerba scarico laterale, 150 cm.jpg
Mulching / rear discharge deck, 112 cm Mulching / rear discharge deck, 112 cm

Rasaerba mulching/SP.jpg
Flail mower, 110 cm Flail mower, 110 cm

Aerator / dethatcher, 100 cm Aerator / dethatcher, 100 cm

Gianni Ferrari_att_arieggiatore.jpg
Snow blade, 130 cm Snow blade, 130 cm

Snow thrower, 110 cm