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Gianni Ferrari Mower GTS

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Gianni Ferrari, Italy
Model No.
New - now in the yard
1069, Greenhill Rd, Summertown, 5141, SA
Gianni Ferrari Mower GTS
Gianni Ferrari Mower GTS

The Gianni Ferrari GTS series is comprised of ULTRA COMPACT professional mowers with 2 or 4 wheel drive, front cut, and direct grass collection.
Smooth and effective 2 or 4 wheel drive hydrostatic transmission
The hydraulic PTO makes it extremely versatile and easy to use
Light and precise steering with power assistance
Handy and robust front hydraulic linkage with 2 arms
Hydraulic empting of the grass collector, high lift dump as well

Collection deck, 96 cm Collection deck, 96 cm

Gianni Ferrari_att_GTS_96.jpg
Collection deck, 112 cm Collection deck, 112 cm

Gianni Ferrari_att_GTS_112.jpg
Rear discharge deck, 130 cm Rear discharge deck, 130 cm

Gianni Ferrari_att_GTS_130 SP.jpg
Single cylinder mower, 92 cm Single cylinder mower, 92 cm

Gianni Ferrari_att_GTS_singola.jpg
Flail mower, 103 cm Flail mower, 103 cm

Gianni Ferrari_att_GTS_flail.jpg
Aerator / dethatcher, 100 cm Aerator / dethatcher, 100 cm

Gianni Ferrari_att_GTS_arieggiatore.jpg
Rotary broom, 110 cm Rotary broom, 110 cm

Gianni Ferrari_att_GTS_rotary broom.jpg
Snow blade, 110 cm Snow blade, 110 cm

Gianni Ferrari_att_GTS_snow blade.jpg
Snow thrower, 100 cm