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Husqvarna Rider Mowers (Battery)

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1069, Greenhill Rd, Summertown, 5141, SA
Photo 1. Husqvarna Rider Mowers (Battery)
Photo 2. Husqvarna Rider Mowers (Battery)
Husqvarna Rider Mowers (Battery)
Husqvarna Rider Mowers (Battery)

The Rider Battery is Husqvarna’s first battery-powered ride-on mower. With no emissions, low noise and up to 90 minutes runtime, depending on lawn conditions, it’s the perfect choice for residential gardens – you get the comfort and performance of a Husqvarna Rider, without disturbing your neighbours.

Battery-power means silent operation and improved user comfort as well as less noise impact on neighbours.
Front-mounted cutting deck for excellent reach into corners and under bushes.
The Rider Battery requires less maintenance compared to a petrol machine. No fuel, no oil and no belt service.
Our patented articulated steering increases driving pleasure by improving manoeuvrability.
The compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre the mower in smaller spaces. Also requires less space for storage.