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Digga, Stump Grinder for Skid Steers

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Digga, Stump Grinder for Skid Steers
Digga, Stump Grinder for Skid Steers

Stump grinder for skid steers

Ideal for skid steer loaders, the Digga stump grinder can be used for land clearing, stump grinding, and the shredding tree stumps into wood chips quickly with Carbide tipped teeth and in-cab fingertip controls.
Stump Grinder – Easy to operate & maintain – Digga Australia
easy to operate & maintain

The Digga Stump Grinder is controlled from inside the operator’s compartment with a simple-to-use multi-function control. Ease of access to all drive components for maintenance also makes it a breeze to service.
Stump Grinder – Adjustable swing & lift function control – Digga Australia
adjustable swing & lift function control

An adjustable speed control has been designed into the unit to allow the operator to adjust the speed of swing and lift functions to accommodate the machine and operators maximum performance.
Stump Grinder – Grind tree stumps downunder – Digga Australia
grind tree stumps downunder

Carbide tipped teeth on a 26″ cutting wheel grind stumps up to 255mm below ground.
Stump Grinder – Side to side & vertical cutting action – Digga Australia
horizontal & vertical cutting action

A specially designed tooth pattern allows side to side and vertical cuts, while a 60 degree range of motion covers 1100mm in a single sweep.
Stump Grinder – Durable safety guard – Digga Australia

Durable safety Guard
Heavy duty rubber guard protects the operator and machine from flying debris.