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Why you should choose a Dieci Telehandler
Catalogue date: 1/Oct/2018
Dieci Australia's parent company has rebranded and launched as the AWD Group. Building on over 18 years of local experience supplying Dieci telehandlers, the AWD Group has set its sights on becoming a leading provider of capital equipment service and parts support. Over the years the company has built a strong and loyal customer base through an absolute focus on customer service, a commitment to supplying quality machines and the development of national parts and service. From its original base of only supporting Dieci telehandlers, the company found it was increasingly being asked to service other brands and types of capital equipment. AWD Group Executive Chairman Paul Jenkins explains, “Our service network is highly trained and well regarded so it wasn't really a surprise when customers started asking us to service their other capital equipment. “The fundamentals of diesel, hydraulic equipment are similar across all types of machinery so our technicians and service agents are well equipped to provide a broader range of support for our customers.” Specialist Dieci models have been designed for Poultry farming with the Poultry Pickup 30.7TCL offering a 2500kg load capacity with a lift height of 5.7m, while the Poultry Pro 30.7TCL sports a Perkins 4-cylinder engine that develops 74.5kW (101hp) and lifts 3000kg with a lift height of 6.350m. Topping off this specialist range is the Poultry Master 40.7TAL offering a 4000kg lift capacity and a 7.0m lift height. For specialist Hay applications growers can rely on the Haymaster 40.7 with a robust Iveco 4-cylinder engine providing 93kW (127hp) to move things along quickly with a lift capacity of 4000kg and a height of 7.0m able to be reached. There is also a specialist Cotton model, the Cotton pro 70.10, it sports the same Iveco 4-cylinder engine, but providing a lift capacity and a height capacity of 9.65m. Dieci also excel with their general farming models. These include the Agri Plus 40.7 with a 4000kg lift and 7.1m height reach as well as the smaller capacity Agri Farmer 30.7 with a 3000kg lift and 6.35m height reach. The Agri Plus 40.7 offers a clever two-point boom design, a novel levelling compensation cylinder system and 146-deg of bucket oscillation. The 40.7 offers a handy a 40kph transmission, boom suspension, selectable steering and boom modes, a reversible engine cooling fan and a useful oil pressure-release switch for the (auxiliary) hydraulic connectors. For further details of current models on offer, contact the AWD Group on tel: 02 8795 4555.
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