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PssAg Furrow Force Furrow Management

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PssAg Furrow Force Furrow Management
PssAg Furrow Force Furrow Management

A properly closed furrow has no air pockets, a mellow path for the plant to emerge, and retains soil moisture
Most closing systems are designed to address one of these three keys, not all of them
FurrowForce is an automated two-stage closing system with integrated sensing

What Environment Should The Seed Be In?
What is the ideal environment that seeds should be left in when planter is finished with its work? The environment should be one where there is no evidence that the planter ever created a furrow, placed seed, and closed the furrow. This environment should have no air pockets, should be mellow so that as the seed germinates it can emerge, while at the same time being firm enough that moisture does not quickly leave the soil. It's a delicate balance that needs to be achieved, and there is significant yield opportunity in getting it right. Getting it right means that the variability in the field has been accounted for and adjusted for, and that germination of each seed has happened at the same time. When seeds germinate and emerge at inconsistent times, yield loss occurs.

The Struggle With Getting The Environment Right
Since getting the seed environment right is so important to the profitability of your farming operation, what is preventing us from getting it right? Most of the time it comes down to knowledge. When planting, do you know how much weight is on the gauge wheels and if they are maintaining ground contact without compacting? Do you know that the closing system is ensuring the soil is placed optimally around each seed? The answer is many times we don't. Specifically, with closing systems, there are so many options for wheels, staggering, and spring pressure setting; which is best? And the bigger question is: how do I know? Digging a few seeds per field gives you some level of insight, but is a fraction of a percent of the total seeds planted. There has been no way to sense that the closing system is doing the right job. But now, you don't ha