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Pencil Augers
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Grainline Pencil Augers
Grainline Pencil Augers
Grainline manufacture an extensive range of pencil augers including 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch diameters. The standard lengths of pencil augers supplied are between 2 and 8 meters long but can be manufactured to specification in any length that may be required.
Also available are a range of drive options for pencil augers including single & 3 phase electric motors, 12 volt motors, geared drive motors and hydraulic motors. Grainline supplies the required belts, pulleys and guards with all pencil augers.
For the common range of pencil augers, Grainline offers a supplementary accessories such as poly hoppers, intake control chokes, tube clamps, swivel mounting brackets and bagging chutes. Where the auger needs to be mobile, Grainline offers a simple undercarriage assembly that attaches to the auger tube with adjustable clamps allowing the auger to be well balanced and also enables the auger outlet to be set at any particular height. If the application requires the auger outlet height to be frequently adjusted, Grainline have a winch kit available that simply allows the auger to be raised or lowered. Wheels with low speed bearings are supplied with the standard undercarriage which is suitable for moving the pencil augers around the yard but there is also an option of high speed road wheels available if the auger is required to be towed longer distances.

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