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Fiorini S/550 HAY RAKE

Hay Silage EquipRakes


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53, Banna Avenue, Griffith, 2680, NSW
Photo 1. Fiorini S/550 HAY RAKE
Photo 2. Fiorini S/550 HAY RAKE
Fiorini S/550 HAY RAKE
Fiorini S/550 HAY RAKE

The Fiorini S/550 rake is unique in its design.
This model can be used for:double windrowing, central windrowing, full left-hand side windrowing, cam spreading and windrow tedding. It is equipped with 3 point linkage, two 8-arm rotors with three spring tines per arm.
The articulated three point linkage allows for a reduction of the overall dimensions for transport on the road. It is equipped with P.T.O shaft (1 with clutch and 1 without clutch), steel cams and rollers, tandem wheels with height adjuster screw, opening controlled by hydraulic cylinder, lateral hay stopper device, 8 extra arms for left-hand side windrowing, pins and CE-approved protections.
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