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ENNOR 36 series Gen11 Rigid

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Photo 1. ENNOR 36 series Gen11 Rigid
Photo 2. ENNOR 36 series Gen11 Rigid
Photo 3. ENNOR 36 series Gen11 Rigid
Photo 4. ENNOR 36 series Gen11 Rigid
Photo 5. ENNOR 36 series Gen11 Rigid
ENNOR 36 series Gen11 Rigid
ENNOR 36 series Gen11 Rigid

One of the most ambitious developments for the company was the 36 and 40 Series, released in 2006 and 2009 respectively. These models were developed to basically go through any terrain with as much power up front as any tractor could muster.

The design brief was straight to the point, make an invincible machine “put the entire weight of the machine on any one point and not worry it.”

The entire structure of these models was designed utilising computer Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure adequate strength.

Every component of these two ranges had to be designed from scratch including the
Oil-Bath gang bearing system.

This new design system had to be the ultimate in reliability. Just one bearing unit weighs over 75kg and has a rated capacity of 49 tonnes, to put this into perspective a normal plough bearing has a 4.5 tonnes capacity.

The first 36 Series machine has clocked over 8,000 hours of service and is still running the original bearings untouched.

In 2015 the latest Oil-Bath bearing design was released. This system had been developed over 10 years and based on the experience and knowledge gained by the 36 and 40 Series models.

This latest Oil-Bath bearing design is now available on the 28 Series, 28 Series Contractor, 32 Series 9.0, 32 Series 12.7 and 32 Series Contractor.

Ennor’s 36 Series Generation II was released in 2019 as a lower cost 36 inch disc machine ranging from 24 to 48 plates. Standard working widths are 4.02 to 6.88m (13.18 to 22.58ft).

The 36-inch discs are 12mm for both the front and rear. While the 16mm RHS frame has a 50mm (2-inch) gang axle that runs either Aircraft or Solid tyres.
This range is capable of penetrating down to 355mm (14-inches) deep and is ideal for clearing re-growth, and any very deep tillage applications in sugar cane, cotton and even land forming.
These machines offer an average weight of 2,500kg for each metre of cut.

36 series Gen11 Rigid

Model:36 series Gen11 Rigid
Width of cut (m):13 Models; 3.8 - 7.1m