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Howard Nugget slasher

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Photo 1. Howard Nugget slasher
Photo 2. Howard Nugget slasher
Photo 3. Howard Nugget slasher
Photo 4. Howard Nugget slasher
Photo 5. Howard Nugget slasher
Howard Nugget slasher
Howard Nugget slasher

The HOWARD Nugget range of Rotaslashers is designed and built to meet the markets requirements for a tough, long-life, general purpose slasher at the right price.

Nugget Rotaslashers are priced and built to out-perform all competitive machines within their price range. Many of the features from Howards professional range of Rotaslashers are incorporated to ensure long service life and top performance.

The Nugget range is suitable for all compact and small ag tractors, not matter whether it is your John Deere, Kubota, Massey Ferguson or any other tractor.
And Chesterfield Australia has a full range of stock available across these models.

Model Cutting Width Tractor HP (max)
HS-NUG120 1.20m 45hp
HS-NUG135 1.37m 45hp
HS-NUG150 1.52m 90hp
HS-NUG180 1.83m 90hp
HS-NUG210 2.13m 100hp

The galvanised range of slashers are WorkSafe compliant, and have an option rear wheel kit available.

So come and talk to us today to see the quality of the product and for a price that will show you how affordable that quality can be.

Stock No. 1105616

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